About us

Our story

Scent&Colour began after many long and cold winter evenings in Canada. Countless hours brought us together with a desire to start a new adventure of expanding on an innovative idea. We wanted to find a product that we identified with, and after thinking about it for a while, we could not help but come back to the same idea: the fragrance world. On one hand, we all love having our collection of scents ready to use for different occasions, on the other, we can find it extremely frustrating having to pay unfair amounts of money for them. Furthermore, the experience of an established company and cosmetic laboratory run by family gave the support and confidence that was needed to get started.

We are Celia and Will. Together we have revolutionised the way you choose, buy and wear your favourite scents. For the last 5 years, we have worked on this concept that allows everybody to enjoy high-quality fragrances at a fair price.

Our thinking

Your scent is one of your most distinguishing personal attributes. It defines you. It helps you to express yourself.
We tend to bind scents and people together. Your smell is your most powerful sense and each scent tells a story.
Scent&Colour was created to allow everybody to express themselves, their personality, through their favourite fragrance.

We like it natural

Scent&Colour specialises in high quality perfumes and colognes made only with the finest selected essential oils. We do not use synthetic materials in any of our products. This allows us to offer you one of the best fixations on the market. Our product will stay on your skin longer than ever.

Out of the box

Why should we wait for Christmas to get our favourite perfume? Why can we only have one cologne? We want to break the limitations! Scent&Colour provides self-created products inspired by the latest trends. This means that we offer you the highest quality, at a fair price, so you can have a scent for every occasion.

Lots of passion

At Scent&Colour we have unrivalled passion for what we do, which leads us to ensure that you are provided with the best quality of service. We want to bring an exceptional standard of products and customer care to you. We truly believe our enthusiasm and love for our scents sets us apart from the rest.

The essential oils used in the creation of our products are all of natural origin and the alcohol is derived from the fermentation of molasses.

Scent&Colour produces its fragrances in a laboratory located within the EU. During production, we strictly respect the manufacturing stages: mixing, cold maceration, and bottling.

We can provide our customers with the technical and legal information necessary for sale, including the composition of different and specific allergens for each product.

As a result of this, our products have an identical resemblance to the original ones, obtained from quantitative determination by gas chromatography, the composition of the essence oils and strict control, by the same technique, of all manufactured lots. The blend of essential oils are robotised. This way, the fixation on your skin of all olfactory notes is, at least, identical to the original (in many cases even better).

The production of these kind of products implies to comply with ISO 22716 of GMP for cosmetic products, as well as with RD 1599/2007 on cosmetic products and the EC 1223/2009 regulation on safety of cosmetic products.

All fragrances are registered in the European Portal CPNP and the corresponding registration number can be provided to our clients

Our products

 Eco-friendly vision

We love our planet as much as you do! For this reason, we ensure that our activity does not harm the environment in any way. All of our fragrances are hand-made in small bunches and efficiently packaged allowing us to provide fully sustainable scents with minimal wastage. Furthermore, we will always offer you the opportunity to re-fill your bottles with us at a reduced price. We also never test any of our fragrances on animals.

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