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Reinventing the world of scents

Scent&Colour hand-crafts its perfumes by blending vegan essential oils. Our fragrances are inspired by branded perfumes and therefore, they smell very similar to the well-known scents on the market. However, all the notes with an animal origin such as amber, civet or musk have been replaced with vegetable oils.

Scent&Colour’s natural perfumes are not tested on animals. They are carefully handmade in Spain and registered by the CPNP – the European Portal for cosmetics – which proves its origin, quality and fair trade.

Due to the nature of the essential oils, our perfumes last longer on your skin. Scent&Colour’s natural fragrances contain 15% of essential oils which means that they are not colognes, aftershaves or eau de toilette, they are perfumes.

Fragrances for nonconformists

Scent&Colour was created for those that believe in the nature of things, their essence. This is why we offer you just the fragrances, nothing else. Quality natural scents that you will make yours as soon as you wear them.

Why would you keep paying for branding, expensive advertising campaigns or fancy bottling? What matters is the scent, and we guarantee the best.

We want you to be able to access as many perfumes as you want, with no limitations. Because we believe that your scent is part of you, how you express yourself and there should not be any restriction to do so.

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Chose your favourite scent

If you are not sure about the perfume that you like or if you just simply want to test the product, please order the 5mL. vials before you commit to a bottle. For hygiene reasons, we are unable to accept returns. We want you to enjoy your perfume and we prefer that you are 100% sure of the scent that you choose.
That is why we suggest the following: you can purchase a 5mL. tester for £2 or 3 for £5. If you buy one of those perfumes, we will give you your money back. You can write to us and we will create a voucher for you to use before checking out. You can also ask your friends and make a collective order so you can try more perfumes avoiding delivery costs. Genius!

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Don't think it twice! A fragrance is a fantastic present. With Scent&Colour, you do not need to spend large amounts of money to make someone happy. Choose the sensible option and order online! You can make your present unique by choosing the packaging items that suit you more. Labels with messages, boxes and more! Make sure you do not miss out.


We welcome open and continuous communication with our customers. This allows us to learn faster and to become aware of the latest trends. Furthermore, we are dedicated to keep improving our service. We encourage you to contact us and tell us your opinion about the products, ask about any doubts you might have, or request technical information.

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  • "Great fragrance even better price. Was pleasantly surprised by how good the fragrance was considering what good value it is! Would definitely recommend to a friend."

    Sam Sharpe
    Sam Sharpe Consultant
  • "I have 2 of your fab fragrances. They are lovely and very long lasting. Friends are convinced they are the more expensive perfume brands! I'll definitely be buying more."

    Sarah Straughan
    Sarah Straughan Mum
  • "I brought a 30ml bottle of Purple 1 from them a few months back and it's great! It smells fantastic and it's lasted ages!"

     Myles Bebbington
    Myles Bebbington Student
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