We’ll admit that it sounds a bit strange these days to recommend applying regular old soap to your face. Won’t it be too drying? What if it breaks you out? Surely it’s a bit 1940s? Nowadays it’s all cleansing gels and micellar waters and special oils, right? Well, here at Scent&Colour we believe in taking the traditional and reinventing it.
Our craft soaps, like our perfumes, are handmade with a mix of essential oils. They’re scented, vegan and totally cruelty-free and they are the next ride-or-die addition to your skincare routine. Why? Because they’re simple to use and result in super-soft satin skin! Staff member Emma-Kate cannot get enough of them: I have used lots of high-end skin cleansers and they’ve done the job, but this soap is consistently the best facewash I’ve used – it even got me through exam season with no stress breakouts!
So what makes our soaps different, and why are they so good for your skin? The soaps use an exact blend of different essential oils that result in a creamy lather, which is perfect even for oily skin. Your face isn’t being stripped of its natural oils – instead the soap gently removes dirt while soothing your skin. There’s no abrasion or harsh, drying chemicals, and you’re left with plump, sparkling-clean skin that is ready for a moisturiser. It’s gentle enough to use twice a day as part of your skincare routine, it fits easily in wash-bags or gym kits and because it’s a solid soap, it doesn’t contribute to your cabin-baggage liquid limit on airplanes! What’s more – you can actually use the soap as a face mask too!
It’s easy: just lather the soap between your fingers, apply a thin layer to clean skin and leave for five minutes before rinsing off with warm water. Result: smooth, soft skin nourished by essential oils and gently fragranced!
So many of our customers come back after trying our soaps and repurchase them again and again. We have EIGHTEEN different types of handmade soaps, each with their own scent and many that are specially designed for different skin types. For example: the bestselling Tea Tree craft soap is ideal for oily skin, as tea tree oil has a naturally mattifying effect. The Shea and Argan soaps are great for dry skin on the body or face, while Pumice has a gently exfoliating effect – brilliant for dry feet!

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