Here’s the low-down on how we bring incredible, natural fragrances to you at affordable prices.
Step One: Our family workshop in northern Spain mixes vegan essential oils together to create perfumes that are inspired by branded scents. These are then shipped over to our independent flagship store in Salisbury city centre!
Step Two: We display the perfumes in optic bottles so customers can fully browse our range. All our perfumes are organised into ‘fragrance families’ based on their scents. This makes it easier to find the right perfume for you, although we can also match a fragrance you already know and love!
Step Three: Once you have chosen your fragrance, we decant it into our own branded bottles. There are two sizes available: 30ml or 100ml. The larger size is perfect for everyday fragrances and it is still suitable for carry-on flight luggage.
Step Four: Once you have used up your perfume, you bring the empty bottle back to us and we re-fill it for a discount! It doesn’t have to be the same fragrance either: we can sanitise the bottle so it is suitable for a different perfume! That way you are able to stay environmentally-friendly while trying something new!
And there you have it! Four simple steps to getting incredible, natural perfume that lasts all day without breaking the bank! Only at Scent&Colour.

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