Goooood moooooorning!

Another rainy day 😌 PERFECT for a nice warm bath #yaaaay
I thought that it would be a good idea for us to give some tips + info about our handmade bath bombs.

First of all, an important clarification for an everyday question: NO, they are not like the bubble bars from #LUSH. What’s the difference? Our bath bombs have no detergent. What does that mean? They don’t make bubbles. They fizz soooo much, in fact, due to the quality of our ingredients, they last a lot; they change the colour of the water and they smell totally amazing. Why don’t we use detergent? Easy answer: we DO THINGS NATURAL. We want to allow everyone to enjoy a proper bath experience, regardless of the condition of their skin. That is why our bath bombs are suitable for sensitive skin, kids, wounded skin, dry skin… Everything that your body absorbs is good.

Also, all the toppings are made with pure shea and cocoa butter, which is extremely moisturising, much more than a body milk, as it goes deeper on your skin. Your body will feel like silk after your bath.
The butter dissolves slower than the fizzer, which allows the bath bomb to have several uses. You can simply fish it from the bath when the amount of cream is perfect, let it dry and use it again and again!

The different types of bath bombs have different amounts of butter. Find your favourite here:

Bath bombs


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