Our perfumes and all other products are natural and chemical free…and here is why…

Naturally-derived fragrance oils smell far better than cheap synthetic imitations. Natural perfumes don’t contain dangerous synthetic chemicals. When you wear products that contain synthetic fragrances, you “outgas” petrochemicals that can hurt sensitive people around you. (Surely you don’t mean to!) Whatever goes ON your skin goes IN your body. Fragrance chemicals are also a serious environmental problem. Pollution from making, using and disposing of these chemicals hurts us all, especially our children.

Just as your bare feet can tell the difference between walking on lush, cool grass and walking on artificial grass, your body can tell the difference between real fragrances and synthetic ones. Real fragrances enhance your body’s own unique, natural scent, and evoke powerful emotional responses from deep within. Synthetic fragrances can only mask and cover up your own natural scent. Only in recent times have perfumes been made from synthetic chemicals, which are quite dangerous to the wearer and everybody around them.

Just to give you an idea, about 60% of chemicals in cosmetics ending up in the bloodstream or 5 pounds of cosmetics being absorbed by our bodies every year or it taking 26 seconds for cosmetics to be absorbed into the bloodstream. Think about this the next time that you choose any cosmetics and avoid petroleum derivatives, SLS, BHT, Propylene glycol and other common substances.

Natural perfumes are the original ‘aromatherapy’. For thousands of years they have brought happiness and a sense of well-being to the fortunate ones who wear them. That is why at Scent&Colour our perfumes are of the highest quality, made with natural, vegan essential oils and absolutes.

You’re welcome 😉 x

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