It is vitally important for you to cleanse your facial skin day and night. I know that to some people this may feel like a chore, however when we look into the benefits of cleansing our skin and how much damage we are doing when we don’t. I am sure that I can convince you that taking one minute every morning and evening to make sure that your face is clean and fresh really isn’t that bad.

Without regular cleansing the pores will become congested, leading to breakouts, a lacklustre complexion and can increase the signs of aging in the face. Washing your face every morning and evening will remove impurities that have built up as a result of pollutants, bacteria, dead skin cells and sebum. Decongest the pores and reveal clearer, healthier, younger looking skin.

The best way to cleanse the skin is of course…naturally. With the wide range of natural olive oil based soaps at Scent&Colour, everyone can cleanse their skin according to their own personal needs. Here is a little guide to show you which soap you should use for your skin:

Dry skin – Argan oil or Shea soap
Aging skin – Rosehip Soap
Breakout prone/ oily skin / acne – Tea Tree or Marigold Soap
Red patches/ uneven skin tone – Aloe Vera
Dull skin / skin with impurities– Pumice Stone Soap

We have a huge variety of soaps to choose from so if you can’t find the soap you are looking for in the above list, then don’t panic! We have over thirty different soaps to choose from! All of our soaps are suitable for sensitive skin types too because they are completely natural. This means that they are detergent free and chemical free so completely safe to use on any area of skin. Oh! and they do not contain palm oil!!

If you are unsure which soap would work best for you then please don’t hesitate to pop in store or to message/ email us! We would be happy to help…all we want is for you to feel amazing in your own skin.

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