“How can I possibly go all natural?” A question that I once asked myself, a question that I am sure many people ask themselves. Going all natural isn’t the easiest process to go through, but with a wide range of all natural products now on the market, things have become much easier.

The first thing that we must address is commitment. If you have never thought about using and consuming only natural products before, it may not be a very good idea to commit to “all natural” straight away. The best plan of action is to do things step by step. Have a look in your cupboards and drawers and decide on one thing that you want to replace with a natural alternative. This could be food, clothes or cosmetics. Once you have made your decision maybe do a little bit of research so that you can find the right product for you. There is no point in buying the first natural product you see if it isn’t what you like or doesn’t suit your lifestyle.

When deciding to replace your items with natural alternatives don’t just throw things away. If it is food or cosmetics, try to use them up, or alternatively, you could offer them to a friend or give your unwanted food to your local foodbank. Similarly if it is clothes that you are looking to throw out, give them to your local charity shop. By doing these simple things you are able to eliminate un-natural products from your life whilst helping others and reducing waste!

All Scent&Colour products are natural, so if you are looking to replace your cosmetics and toiletries, this is a pretty good place to start. We have natural shampoos, soaps, room sprays, body lotions, bath bombs and of course perfume. When I first decided to go “all natural” I hated the idea of having to give up my favourite branded perfume but with all of the alternative perfumes that are in Scent&Colour I can still wear perfumes that smell like my favourite branded scents!

Why not give it a go? Choose one thing in your home to replace with an all-natural alternative today.

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