There are many moments in life where we will feel down, where we feel like we cannot cope. We may feel useless because we cannot keep up with the fast tempo of life. In 2018 we are all expected to be able to have a full time career, have the perfect family and still find time to fit in activities that we enjoy, along with meditation, mindfulness, exercise and a perfectly balanced diet! STOP! Yes these may all be important aspects of life and it really would be amazing if we could fit all of these wonderful things into our day to day lives, but let’s be realistic. Life is not perfect and therefore we cannot expect to have perfect lives.

When we are all able to reach this realisation life seems to be a little more relaxed. We don’t have to tick off a check list every day when we are not chained to all of these tasks and responsibilities. Yes granted there are things that we all have to continue doing every day, but when we give ourselves the room to breathe and time to make spontaneous decisions, we can feel more free.

Rather than trying to rush through your work day in anticipation of having more family time in the evenings or to make sure that you have enough time to get that yoga class that you really should attend to achieve greater relaxation and happiness, try enjoying the moment. What at work makes you happy? Is it a certain project you may be working on, or perhaps a customer that makes you laugh or even taking your lunch break? Just try to look at your day with a positive mind-set. Rather than saying “I have so much work to get done” try instead saying “I have a huge variety of work to do so at least I won’t get bored”. It is these little changes that can really improve our life quality.

Leave your “To Do List” at work. When you get home just do what you feel like. If you feel tired, get an early night. If you feel lonely curl up on the sofa with a loved one or call a good friend for a catch up. If you feel stressed, run yourself a deep, hot bath and fill it with scents that bring you peace and serenity.

Keep a little stash of gorgeous bath and shower treats somewhere so that when you really need a little “me time” you can simply grab one of your favourite scented goodies and enjoy a nice, long soak. By having these items ready in your home, there is no need to schedule in when you have time to go out and buy these items or which night would be best to have a long bath or shower. Never schedule relaxation. Trying to fit things into time slots may take the relaxing part away. When you have time why not check out our gorgeous bath and shower products? You can either order them online or you could pop in store and treat yourself to a few personal gifts.

Just remember that life is not perfect so therefore we cannot have perfect lives…but we sure can make the most of it!

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