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We bring you good news. As you might know, we went to Cosmoprof Italy last month, where the latest trends in cosmetics are presented. In this brief post, we wanted to share with you our feelings and conclusions.

1.- Bio-cosmetics are here to stay! Most companies have develop lines of products made with natural ingredients. This is due to the demand of this type of cosmetics, shampoos, soaps…, which ultimately means that people are more and more aware of what they apply on their skin.

2.- Vegan options available. We are trying to convince everybody to use vegan cosmetics regardless of their diet choices. There is always a vegan alternative for a cosmetic product, which is not only more fair but normally much better for yourself anyway. We were happy to see how many brands have been born that is conscious about this fact. We share many conversations with small manufacturers about vegan options and we believe that there are more vegan & cruelty-free options available than ever.

**WARNING** Although most companies are honest about their production, we found businesses that just want to make money as it was just a mere trend and use the “vegan argument” and a simple marketing strategy. Dr. Botanicals, for example, claim they are cruelty-free and their soaps are made of palm oil; their bath bombs have insoluble glitter that goes to the sea. We asked about it to their representatives and they did not know what to respond. Please read the INCI or ask about the ingredients before purchasing.



3.- Natural beauty is in. As we always say: be yourself. Find a perfume that defines you, express yourself as you are. This vibe was all around Cosmoprof. Natural beauty is a thing, and not only when it comes to ingredients but also how we choose what products are better to enhance our own beauty. These are the 3 lessons that we wanted to share with you. The cosmetics world is evolving and we all have a voice.


Thanks for reading!

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