Showers are now a part of our daily routine and have become mandatory meaning that we basically sleepwalk through our shower, repeating the same steps to get clean each day. But what if your time in the shower could brighten your mood? Or improve your physical health? Or make your skin look and feel younger and smoother? Well guess what…it can! I am going to walk you through some simple steps that will change your shower experience for good.

Steamy shower: The steam produced from your shower is actually really beneficial for your respiratory system and can improve lung health and help you to breathe a little better.

Hot and cold: Changing the temperature of your water between hot and cold during your shower will help to strengthen your immune system meaning that you are less likely to get sick.

Ice cold: Running cold water over your hair after you have finished washing and conditioning will make your hair look shinier as the cold water closes the hair follicles and locks in the moisture. Also running cold water over your face after cleansing will close the pores meaning that they are less likely to become clogged with dirt.

The right scent: Our sense of smell is very powerful and what we can smell can really affect our mood. It is important to choose the right scents to achieve the mood that you desire when taking your shower. If you would like advise on which products to choose to achieve your ideal mood we can always guide you here at Scent&Colour

The right products: It is vital that you use the right products when in the shower. We prefer to go all natural with our products so here is a little list of our top shower product suggestions from Scent&Colour

  • Shampoo bar – Less packaging making them better for the environment. There are three different types to choose from to suit all different hair types. All of our shampoo bars contain coconut oil making them nourishing and moisturising for the hair and can be used without conditioner
  • Craft soap – All of our craft soaps are olive oil based so are great for sensitive skin and will not dry the skin out. There are many different soaps to choose from all with their own unique properties meaning that there is a soap for everyone’s needs
  • Shower bomb – Like a bath bomb but for the shower. It will fill your bathroom with its amazing scent and works like an in-shower moisturiser. Simply rub the shower bomb on your body (like a bar of soap) after you have finished washing then rinse off any residue. When you get out of the shower you will be left with a layer of moisture on the skin so no need to moisturise after!

I hope that these quick and easy steps will help you to truly enjoy your shower experience from now on. Make sure to pop into Scent&Colour soon so that you can get all of your natural and gorgeous smelling products to allow you to ignite your energising shower experience.

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