We have created a rota just for you! This rota gives you a full day of relaxation ideas and activities! Enjoy!


9am – Wake up, do not get out of bed immediately. Lye in a comfortable position and breathe deeply and slowly. If you have any worries or anxiety about work, what happened yesterday or what is happening tomorrow then try to imagine each worry being sealed into an envelope and thrown away.

9.15am – Get out of bed. Drink a full glass of water and prepare yourself a drink you really enjoy. Make yourself a delicious breakfast. Sit outside if the weather is nice or sit near an open window to enjoy some fresh air and natural light.

10am – Brush your teeth and cleanse and exfoliate your face.

10.15am – Get changed into something super comfortable.

10.30pm – Put on a facemask or if you do not have one dampen a flannel with hot water and place over your face to open up pores.

11am – After taking off your facemask apply your favourite toner and moisturiser.

12pm – Make yourself a delicious lunch and sit outside if the weather is nice or sit by an open window.

1pm – Find somewhere comfy to relax, whether that is on your sofa, in your bed or outside. Do something that you enjoy, for example, you could read a book or magazine, watch tv, put on your favourite film, draw, paint or sew etc. just do whatever you feel is relaxing.

4pm – Prepare your relaxing bath or shower experience: light scented candles, have your softest, clean towels ready, put all of your bath or shower products out ready, for example your chosen shower bomb or bath bomb, your shampoo, conditioner, body wash or soap and facewash or face soap.

5pm – Run your bath or turn on your shower. If you are having a bath place your bath bomb in the water and allow it to dissolve and fizz in the water. Get in your bath or shower and relax. Spend at least 10 minutes just enjoying the smells around you and the feel of the water on your skin. Now start your normal shower or bath routine. If you are having a shower don’t forget to use your shower bomb at the end of your shower to give you beautifully moisturised and gorgeous smelling skin.

6pm – Use body moisturiser and face moisturiser after your bath or shower to keep skin hydrated and get dressed into comfortable pyjamas.

7pm – Make yourself a delicious dinner and enjoy your meal wherever you feel most relaxed.

8pm – Spend the rest of your evening doing an activity that you enjoy and feel is relaxing to you.

10pm – Spray your favourite room spray around your bedroom and enjoy a great night’s sleep.


Scent&Colour must have list:

Bath Bomb or Shower Bomb (available in over 60 different scents)

Face soap and body soap (over 30 different types available)

Room spray (available in 8 different scents)

Magic Lotion (available in 10 different scents)

Shampoo bar (available for normal, oily, dry and dyed hair)

Perfume (over 150 different perfumes available)

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