#1: AVENTUS, Creed

A usual top performer in the best selling male perfumes lists in recent years, Aventus by Creed has become one of the most desired fragrances by men all around the world. A fruity but warm fragrance that will dry up as woody and musky. It is perfect for everyday use and it will give you a sense of class and status like any other perfume. 

You will like it if you liked: Loewe Esencia, Terre d’Hermes, Tobacco Vanille.

Try our alternative: Purple 15

#2: SAUVAGE, Dior

This 2015 perfume by Dior instantly became a classic and a loved-by-many fragrance. It is fresh, citrusy and spicy at the beginning and will turn into deep, warm and woody. It is perfect if you are looking for something classy, warm and long lasting. 

You will like it if you liked: Bleu de Chanel, La Nuit de l’homme, Aventus.

Try our alternative: Purple 04

#3: ACQUA DI GIO, Armani

An all-time favourite fragrance for men! Its fresh citrus and zesty notes will come up firstly, but they will disappear into a much more spicy floral scent with a background of ocean smell and settle with woody base notes. This is the perfect scent for summer and spring as its sea-breeze-like smell will keep your vibe fresh and marine all day long. 

You will like it if you liked: Light Blue, Cool Water, CK Eternity.

Try our alternative: Purple 01


Another popular new fragrance by Carolina Herrera. This time the firm brings a warm and spicy perfume topped by citrusy and pepper notes that evolves into a sweet, woody and chocolate smell if you give it some time. Perfect for cold weather and night time as it’s elegant and young. 

You will like it if you liked: One Million, Sauvage, Le Male.

Try our alternative: Purple 13

#5: INVICTUS, Paco Rabanne

Another hit from Paco Rabanne, a fresh and sporty option for those looking for a daily perfume, particularly good for daytime and warm weather. You will instantly be amazed by its oceanic and grapefruit notes and you will sure be delighted by its evolution into a woody scent.

You will like it if you liked: Diesel Bad, Jimmy Choo Man, Acqua di Gio.

Try our alternative: Black 18


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