When we think of blossom, neroli doesn’t always come to mind. But the rejuvenating scent comes from the flowers of bitter orange trees. Despite coming from the same flower, neroli and orange blossom are individual scents, each gaining their distinct fragrance from different methods of extraction. 

Fresh, sweet and intoxicating, neroli makes us think of summer, of holidays and the outdoors. But this fragrance does more than just smell uplifting, neroli oil is scientifically proven to increase serotonin levels when inhaled or applied to the skin. Serotonin is a key mood-stabilizing hormone, it impacts your whole body! Because of this, it is the perfect lockdown companion. 

Due to its ability to calm nerves, neroli was traditionally used at weddings. If you are planning on tying the knot, keep reading until the end, where I will tell you which of our fragrances contain this impressive oil. When applied to the skin, neroli is antibacterial and is said to increase the natural functions of the epidermis. This blossom won’t just make you smell great, it will make you feel good too! 

To feel like a royal, on your big day or every day, check out these perfumes:

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