chypre perfume for women

Cruelty-free Alternative Perfumes by Scent&Colour. We blend natural vegan essential oils to recreate your favourite branded fragrances. Scent&colour’s fragrances are vegan and cruelty-free. They follow all the European regulations, being registered in the CPNP of cosmetic products. Furthermore, due to the care of the selection of natural essential oils, our scents last longer on your skin. Scent&colour creates perfumes based on popular fragrances on the market. However, it must not be confused with the original branded scent. Name, trademark and copyright belong to their respective designers.
Scent&colour does not have any kind of affiliation with the brands. The use of recognisable names on this website is purely illustrative and has the objective to guide our customers to find their desired vegan perfumes. Although our scents smell extremely similar, they are not identical as we only use vegan ingredients.
Therefore, they are not copies, they are natural alternatives or equivalents. If there is any doubt about this matter, please contact us and we will happily clarify this to the best of our ability. Cruelty-free Alternative Perfumes by Scent&Colour
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