Unfortunately, we cannot offer returns for hygiene reasons. The perfumes are bespoke: we bottle them on demand once you order them. We do not keep a stock as they are uniquely done for every customer. The neck of the bottle is screwed on to offer the refill option, which is great because we reduce waste! However, it has a downside, we cannot offer exchanges as the bottles are not sealed. We cannot reuse the perfume that was made for you for another customer  in the same way that you will never receive a bottle that someone has had before. Because… what if someone unscrewed the top and added something to the content of the bottle? No, thank you!

For this reason, we offer you 3mL. testers so you are able to test the scent before you commit to buying a big bottle. We give you your money back when you order a bottle. Learn more here.

However, if the bottle arrived broken, all you need to do is contact us on Facebook and send us a pic. Whether it has been our fault or Royal Mail’s, we will send you a new bottle.


Every morning either Hattie or Celia check the new online orders. Once you purchase your perfumes and we receive the payment (PayPal is direct but bank transfers may take 1 working day) your perfumes are prepared on the same day in the shop in Salisbury. The process is the same as if you were in the shop: we take an empty bottle and we fill it up on demand. Your scent is bottled just for you.

If you selected First Class Delivery, we take your parcel to the post office the same afternoon and you should receive it withing the following 48h (normally withing 24h). They are sent with Royal Mail.

If you selected Second Class or free delivery, your order is sent on the Monday or Thursday, unless we also have a First Order Delivery that day, in which case, we take all the parcels anyway. It should take 2-3 working days once we send it.

Although we would love to send perfume to every single country, we cannot do it as it is illegal. Shipping perfumes abroad from the UK is forbidden and we would rather not be prosecuted. Sorry! Nevertheless, you can write to us if you think you have a solution…

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