Open your perfume studio

Perfect time to join

Alternative perfume has become a great success in other European countries. It is now being introduced in the UK. You have the opportunity to take part of the perfume revolution!

Advice and support

We will walk by your side in this new adventure, guiding you and sharing our know-how every moment. Our priority is to help you build a profitable business and we will make sure that you have all the tools to do so.

Quickest ROI

Products are important, and we are sure we offer the best quality. But when opening your business you need to think also of the numbers. Luckily, you will enjoy great mark-ups that will allow you to recover the initial investment in months.

No royalties
nor commissions

It is your business and all the money you make will be only yours. As fair as that. We want to make things easy and help you grow, giving you all the good reasons to become part of the Scent&Colour family.

Unique products

Scent&Colour designs and produces 95% of its offerings. For this reason, we are not only quick and flexible when adapting to the market demand but also exclusive. Your customers will not find the same products anywhere else.

Location exclusivity

When you decide to open your perfume studio, we will respect your area and make sure that your store is the only one around. If you live in a small city and no other company sells bath bombs, soaps and perfume, this is your opportunity.

Join Scent&Colour

Scent&Colour allows entrepreneurs to open perfume studios in locations with high demand
of natural products for the bath and personal care.
If you are thinking of starting your own business and you love our proposal, contact us.
We will happily solve all your doubts without any compromise.

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