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Alum crystal deodorant



180 gr.

If you are looking for the most natural deodorant, there is nothing like the alum stone. This product is a crystallised alum with anti-odor, antiseptic, astringent, anti-bacterial and basic antiperspirant properties. The most traditional, natural and effective remedy to substitute your current deodorant. Ideal for sensitive or damaged skin, people with eczema or receiving medical treatments. It is not scented, so it will not clash with your perfume.

1 single stone will last for more than 5 years!

How to use it : you can rub your stone on your skin -underarms, feet, face or back- after having a shower or, alternatively, place your stone under water to make it wet and apply gently. It does not leave any residue on your skin but it will protect you for more than 24h.

Other uses:
· After shave – its styptic properties will stop the bleeding and close the pores.
· Acne – its antiseptic and antibacterial properties will reduce the sebum and will help the cicatrization, avoiding the appearance of new spots.

100% natural · Cruelty free · Vegan · Zero Waste


Out of stock


The alum stone is one of our favourite products due to its many properties.
· anti-odor
· antiseptic
· astringent
· anti-bacterial
· basic antiperspirant

It is Alum, NOT Aluminium Chlorohydrate. The “aluminium” (aluminium chlorohydrate) that is contained in industrial products is a synthetic ingredient of antiperspirants and deodorants, designed to be absorbed into and to block the pores under the arms to prevent perspiration – it might have a connection with breast cancer.
This stone is a solid moulded lump of crystallised alum, which is a naturally mined mineral salt.

It comes in a very thin film for hygiene reasons but it does not contain any other plastic or packaging….and it last for more than 5 years, so imagine that amount of waste that you are saving to the Earth in that time!

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