Berry Kisses body scrub


The Berry Kisses sugar scrub is a natural scented karité and cocoa butter. You will love its berry scent, and everybody will want to kiss you!

Bottle of 300mL.

Apply it on your skin rubbing softly, letting the sugar act as a natural exfoliant and get rid of the dead cells while perfuming your body.
For a complete experience use the Berry Kisses Body Splash! after your exfoliation.

Vegan. Not tested on animals. Made in the EU. 100% natural ingredients.

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Hand-made perfumed body scrub elaborated with natural essential oils. The main ingredients are karité and cocoa butter, which deeply moisturise your skin while the sugar scrubs and cleans it.
All the ingredients have been carefully selected. It does not have any chemical addition such BHT or animal derivatives. Contact us for more information related to allergies.


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