Citrus oil natural soap


Handmade olive oil soap crafted with natural ingredients following traditional formulas. IT DOES NOT CONTAIN PALM OIL.

It is suitable for cleaning and taking care of all skin types, even sensitive or damaged due to the lack of chemichals and detergent.

The Citrus oil contains powerful ingredients such as antioxidants, vitamin C, and citric acid which work as a natural anti-septic. They fight off acne-causing germs and boost collagen production which helps to reduce acne scarring. The vitamin C and citric acid in citrus oil protects skin cells from premature aging through fighting free radicals which degenerate skin cells by stealing their oxygen, causing skin to look dull and lifeless and eventually causing wrinkles and fine lines. Through its astringent properties, citrus oil reduces excess sebum and oil on the skin and shrinks large pores.
The citric acid in citrus oil also works as a natural and safe skin bleaching agent. It gently lightens skin tone and gradually fades acne scars, evening out the skin tone, whilst also balancing the skin’s natural pH level, resulting in bright glowing skin.
Scent: Lemon and Lime

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Suitable for any kind of skin, even for skin with psoriasis or dermatitis. The rich composition of the olive oil base has very mousturising properties help to restore the texture and tone of the skin.

Use: Use it daily, even on the most sensitive skin.
Facial use: You can use it as a mask avoiding the eyes. Leave the foam to dry for 30 minutes avoiding the eyes and remove carefully using clean water.


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