Natural soap: Cucumber extract



Handmade olive oil soap crafted with natural ingredients following traditional formulas. IT DOES NOT CONTAIN PALM OIL.

It is suitable for cleaning and taking care of all skin types, even sensitive or damaged due to the lack of chemicals and detergent.

The cucumber
 contains phytosterols which helps the skin strengthen its lipid barrier and restore proper moisture balance. It helps to smooth the skin’s surface and improve elasticity which is particularly good for revitalising maturing skin. Phytosterols also nourish and stimulate skin cells to encourage the regeneration of healthy skin cells.
Scent: Watermelon



Suitable for any kind of skin, even for skin with psoriasis or dermatitis. The rich composition of the olive oil base has very mousturising properties help to restore the texture and tone of the skin.

Use: Use it daily, even on the most sensitive skin.
Facial use: You can use it as a mask avoiding the eyes. Leave the foam to dry for 30 minutes avoiding the eyes and remove carefully using clean water.


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