How to refill.

Once you have finished your perfume, you can send your bottles back to the shop for us to refill them. We recommend you to put together a few of them so you do not spend too much on the delivery, making the most of this revolutionary way of purchasing perfume.

You can use the same envelope that we use to send them in the first place (and that way you give it another life). If you do not have it anymore, choose the best option for you. Make sure that you include a note with the perfumes that you would like, your name, your email and your address. Send them to:

Scent&Colour Limited 
Unit 20B Cross Keys Shopping Center 
Salisbury, SP1 1EY.

We will let you know once we receive your parcel and we will give you the payment options. The 100 ml bottle will cost you £22 and the 50ml £12 (instead of £25 and £15).

If you live local and you also want to choose an eco-friendly delivery option, read here about our new carbon-neutral local service!


We would like to encourage the refill of the bottles that you have at home. For that reason, from November 2019, when you make a new purchase you will receive aluminum bottles, perfect to be sent again and again. No more risk of the product being damaged!

These bottles are not only much more resistible, which will allow you to send it back to top up your perfume, they also protect the essential oils from sunlight and extreme changes of temperature.

The new bottles contain 100ml (large) and 50ml (small). We know that, if you have had a glass bottle in the past, you may think that the new bottles are smaller, but they are not! The small one is almost twice the quantity, actually!

If you want to help us take care of the environment, please read the information below and learn how to refill your bottles.
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