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Scent&Colour’s shampoo bars have become the best selling products since their introduction! They are a fantastic alternative if you are looking to replace your bottle of shampoo. Why, you ask? Because these solid shampoos are better for you and for the environment! On one hand, our shampoo bars are natural, which means that everybody can use them, even those with a sensitive scalp or skin conditions. They are handmade in the UK with organic ingredients. Furthermore, we are proud to say that they are vegan and cruelty-free. Therefore, you will not only be using an exceptional product but also making sure that your shampoo is fair to others. On the other hand, by avoiding using industrially produced shampoos, you are contributing to reduce plastic waste in the environment.

Types of solid shampoos

Dry hair. Exotic coconut scent. This shampoo is formulated with plenty of coconut oil to moisturise and condition your hair. It will also add shine to grey, dry and heat-damaged ends. A classic that never disappoints!

Greasy hair. Uplifting grapefruit scent. This shampoo contains dead sea salt that absorbs the extra hair oils and adds volume. This solid shampoo bar is, therefore, perfect for hair that’s greasy or flat-looking.

Frequent use. Fresh herbal scent. This shampoo is perfect if you wash your hair regularly. It is also ideal for kids and toddlers as it is mild and gentle. Suitable for all hair types, its coconut oil conditiosn and add shine.

Dyed hair. Rich cocoa scent. This moisturising shampoo is packed with cocoa butter, coconut oil and cocoa powder to give incredible softness and brilliant shine to hair in desperate need of a fix!

Blonde hair. Citrusy lemon scent. This fresh shampoo is ideal for freshening up blonde or fair hair. The sweet almond oil conditions while the marigold infusion helps to soothe the scalp and strengthen hair growth.

Swimmers hair. Aromatic herbal scent. This shampoo has been specially formulated to repair damage caused by chlorine and protect the hair against exposure to chemicals. It also eliminates the smell.

You will soon fall in love with these amazing products. They lather up really smoothly. You can rub the piece on your hair directly or on your hands first. You will not need much: these shampoos are really concentrated (take into account that they have no water like the liquid ones) and consequently, you should only use a little bit every time you wash your hair. One single piece should last at least 90 uses – of course, it depends on the frequency that you what your hair as well as the length of it. We can assure you that you will avoid using more than 4 large plastic bottles a year!

New conditioner bars

If you still love some extra moisture on your hair once you have washed it, you can use our new conditioner bar. An effective piece formulated with natural ingredients. It is packed with rich coconut oil to condition and moisture your hair in depth. This solid conditioner is perfect for grey and dull hair that needs to shine again. If you use the straightener quite often, this conditioner bar will protect your hair from roots to ends.

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