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We are all different

Scent&Colour wants to help you find the scent that suits you best: the one that goes with your personality, the one that defines you. The fragrance that you wear becomes part of your personality: people will associate your perfume or aftershave with you every time they smell it.

As you know, Scent&Colour avoids the superficial add-ons that normally come with a scent. Every fragrance smells different on each individual’s skin and therefore, you must become the one and only image of it. Nevertheless, we have made a selection of scents depending on personalities. This might help you have an idea of what products are the most suitable for you in accordance with the way you are.

Click on the personalities below and select the one that you feel most attached to.

For men


For those who consider themselves proper gentlemen. If your manners are well known among the ladies, if you prefer a tie over a t-shirt, if you enjoy a glass of fine wine and listen to Frank Sinatra, here you will find here your type of fragrance.


For those who take their time to look AWESOME. You will find your scent here if you dress for success, if you only wear hoodies to exercise and if you aim to be the best at what you do.


For those that cannot be tamed, have a special connection with nature and consider themselves a modern Indiana Jones. If you are adventurous and independent, these are your type of aftershaves.


For the ones that break the mold, that speak their mind or stand up for what they believe in. If you are a rebel at heart and you are not afraid to show it, here are your fragrances.


For the ones who always wear shorts and flip-flops in the winter, have tried to drink Coke with Mentos or forget to wear underwear. If you live on the edge, these are the scents for you.


For those who always attract all of the attention, no matter where they are. The new prince charmings. The heart breakers. You will find your aftershave here if the mirror smiles back at you.


For those who never fail to draw a smile from those around them or spam their friends with hilarious videos. If you are quick-witted and fun to be around with, choose your aftershave from this selection.

For women


For those girls and women that appreciate the small things in life, that enjoy the good company and bring positive vibes to every one else. If you always have a smile on your face, try one of these perfumes.


For the ones that impress without trying, that have a special spark and dress immaculately. You will find the perfect scent for you among this selection if you are effortlessly elegant.


For those women who like things natural and enjoy life however it comes. You will love these scents if you consider yourself a relaxed person who appreciates her little pleasures.


If you are an independent mind with a strong character; if you listen to bands that no one knows and don’t follow trends, yet instead create your own. If you are an unrestrained person, have a mind of your own, a misfit, here you have your selection of perfumes.


For the sensitive, delicate, romantic women. For all those cute and cuddly girls with a kind heart. If you are a good-natured person with noble aspirations, you will find your scent among these.


If you are an unconventional woman with an extraordinary sense of humor; if you are unpredictable, random; if you are a happy-go-lucky person; if you have an adventurous wild side which is sometimes hard to hold back, you will love these scents.


For those women who can dream awake, who are naturally optimistic and absolutely ambitious. If you let your heart lead over your mind, if you believe that everything is possible and that the sky is the limit, here you have your selection of perfumes.


For the ones ahead of the crowd, modern, alternative. You will find your perfume here if you are up with the times, if you listen to indie music, if you wear glasses because they are cool or if your fashion sense causes admiration.

Looking for the perfect present?

We help you to find the perfect fragrances

for the ones you love

Perfect present

Who said that a fragrance was a difficult present? We help you to choose the perfect fragrances to give to your family or friends.

How? Easy!

You can tell us about the person who is going to receive the scent and we will suggest some references than are created for people like her or him. Another option is telling us what fragrance she or he usually wears and we will give you an equivalence. That way you cannot get wrong! They will love your gift!

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