Passion. That’s the secret ingredient.

We absolutely love what we do. From the creation of the products to helping the customers to find the perfect bath bomb. And that is the key of Scent&Colour success.

We create all the products based on your suggestions and requests. Every perfume is develop following what our customers want. Every bath bomb is designed and handmade individually. Every soap is created by us. We like having the control of every stage because we can make sure that what we offer to you is the very best.

But another reason why we prefer to control the production is the fact that we can do it in a sustainable way, minimising the impact on the environment and treating the residuals respectfully.

Bath bombs: if you have been in the perfume studio, you have probably seen that every bath bomb is completely different. The responsible for the uniqueness of our bath bombs is Rose. She makes every single Scent&Colour bath bomb by hand (as you see in the photo). She is the magician behind the pastry bag.

Perfumes: The “nose” of Scent&Colour is JM. He develops all the formulas and compositions of our amazing perfume. He is a chemist who understands the benefits of essential oils and chooses the best ingredients for our scents. The perfumes are also handmade in small lots to have absolute control of the scents and avoid the residuals. #zerowaste.

Soaps: We have many different kind of soaps: vegetable glycerine, Spanish olive oil soap, soapy sponges, vegetable glycerine with oils and herbs… The masters of this wonderful soaps are Alfred, Alex and Chris. We will try to upload all of them to the website ASAP. For now, you can enjoy the pure olive oil soaps online.

If you want to learn more about our processes and ingredients, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with our technical documents and legislation certificates.

Peace & Love

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